Sunday, January 13, 2013

Magical Product Swap: Sensational Snowmen

I was absolutely delighted to join in the Magical Product Swap hosted by Jessica Stanford this weekend.  Teacher bloggers buddied up and reviewed each other's products.  Check out the links at the bottom of Jessica's post to see all reviews.  :)

My buddy was Lisa from Learning is Something to Treasure.  She's from Florida, which is actually where I grew up.  Small world!  You'll realize how clever her blog name is when you see the darling pirate theme.

The product I chose to review was her Sensational Snowmen unit.  It is PACKED with both literacy and math activities, and I have to tell you the graphics are so stinkin' cute!  With Lisa being in Florida and me being in Texas, there's not much chance we'll be getting any snow, so this product lets us live out our snow fantasies.

Of course I zeroed in on the math activities, which are all common core aligned.  I really like how Lisa has a recording sheet for each of the activities.  First up is Triple Play.  Students add the addends on the snowmen and find the matching hat. Nice, large pieces for little hands.

Next is Let It Snow.  The comparative symbols are so hard for kids, so they need all the practice they can get!  Students choose a card and then put the correct comparative symbol between the numbers.  I love the simple graphics and kid-friendly fonts.

Finally, I LOVE Snowman Soup.  It's a great activity to address different ways for composing and decomposing numbers.  Students choose a mug with a number and then find the marshmallows with all the ways to make the number.  Super cute!

There is so much more to this unit!  Be sure to download the preview to see all the activities.  Click here to go directly to the product.


  1. ALL great math tubs! Off to add to my wishlist! Thanks Donna!
    Amy Burton


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