Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Books for Your Favorite Math Teacher

Ah, the holiday season is upon us, and you might be wondering what to get for your favorite math teacher.  I have some suggestions for you tonight.

Hands down my favorite book that I read this year was What Great Teachers Do Differently.  Seeing Todd Whitaker present at CAMT was icing on the cake.  This book is not just for math teachers, of course.  It's for any teacher who wants to improve his/her craft.  And who doesn't really?

Next up, a new version of John Van de Walle's classic book, Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics, is being released in January.  Now, most teachers don't have the budget to buy a new version when the old version is still perfectly fine, so this would be an awesome present.
Teaching Mathematics Developmentally Gr

My next book, Math Sense, is a great little read and is perfect for those struggling to implement Common Core.  It's not a book about the math you should teach (see Van de Walle for that), but rather it's about how you should teach math.  According to the title, it's about The Look, Sound, and Feel of Effective Instruction.

Another book I read this year and LOVED is Small Steps, Big Changes.  In fact, it's on my list to reread over the Christmas break.  It's the perfect book for math leaders on your campus--administrations, math coaches, etc.
I hope these give you some gift-giving ideas.  For more ideas on books for teaching math, be sure to visit and follow my Pinterest board specifically for math-related books.


  1. Thanks for the book list! I am now following your pinterest board :) Sorry for the previous post! I misspelled a word !!

  2. I so appreciate your math book recommendations. Thanks!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. You're welcome, Tammy! Always learning, right?


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