Friday, November 9, 2012

More Than/Less Than Sort

Quick post tonight--it's Friday!  Here's a little sorting and comparing activity my 1st grade teachers asked me to make for them.  Assign a target number for students to work with.  For example, if students are using 20 as the target number, they would write 20 in the boxes after More than and Less than.  You can differentiate for you kiddos by choosing different target numbers depending on student readiness.  Students choose number cards and place them on the correct side. You can also use pictorial cards (ten-frames, dots, etc.) for students who need that support.  Click here to grab yours. Have a great weekend!

Need some number cards to use with this?  Check out my Basic Number Cards to 120 with Activities (paid item) or freebie hundred chart cards in this post.


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