Monday, April 30, 2012

Keeping Skills Sharp Through Technology

As we approach the end of school, you might have parents asking what their kids can do over the summer to keep their math skills from getting rusty.  Today I want to recommend three great websites for practicing math skills!

  1. XtraMath This free website uses pretests to determine students' needs and then tracks student progress and adjusts their practice.  Parents receive weekly emails showing their child's progress.  Video tutorials make the set-up process quick and easy.  
  2. Arcademic Skillbuilders  This free website uses highly engaging video arcade type games that kids will want to play.  Many of the games have settings that let kids focus on certain facts.  This site is constantly adding new games, and they now offer both iPhone and Droid apps (for a small charge).
  3. TenMarks This website is new to me, but was recommended by several teachers in my district.  It is free during the school year, but if parents want their kiddos to use it over the summer there is a charge ($10/month or $49/6 months).  Their comprehensive curriculum covers grades 2 through high school and is aligned to Common Core and State Standards.
All great options to share with your parents!  Why not try them out before school ends and get your kiddos hooked!

Arcademic Skillbuilders
Ten Marks


  1. thank you for this post! We had factmaster, but the company shut it down right in the middle of the year and the kids are crushed!!!! I will look into these!!!!
    Amy Burton

  2. Thanks for the websites.

  3. We just played he arcademics jet ski game today. (the one that you have the screen shot of above) I have it and several other games linked to my smartboard calendar for May and the kids went absolutely nuts over it!

    1. I'll bet they did! That would be awesome on a smartboard!

  4. Wow! Thanks for the link! My kids will love this!

  5. Thanks for the. Help


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