Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Connecting Formulas to Area, Perimeter, and Volume

This will be short tonight, because I've got chili to make for the big chili cook-off tomorrow!  In Texas, our 5th graders are just a few short weeks away from their end-of-the-year assessment (don't get me started...), so we're identifying those skills that we've already taught, but the kids still struggle with.  One of those skills is using the formulas to find area, perimeter, and volume.  More and more, our state assessment is asking kids to find area and perimeter of individual faces on 3-dimensional figures.  This workstation is designed to give students practice for that type of question.  The link to grab yours is below the pictures.

Click here to grab your free copy!  Enjoy!


  1. This is great! My students definitely need practice with finding the perimeter/area of just one fact of a rectangular prism. Thanks for the freebie :)


    1. Right, Courtney, it really throws them off! :)

  2. I so appreciate these! Thank you! Fun idea, definitely where they need practice, and, like Courtney said, I love that they're finding the area/perimeter of a face on a prism. I'm thinking I'll make two sets of cards: one original for the first round of practice, and one set that has all dimensions labeled so they'll have to determine which measurements they'll need.


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